Past Newsletters...

June 2018

Dear Classmate
I am composing our class email from the College Club. My visit is for the June Alumnae Association meeting. Following our meeting, the Alumnae Association Board members will join the Classes ending in 3 and 8 at Reunion weekend. The Class of 1975 is well represented on The Alumnae Board with our President Georgia Murphy Johnson and Pier Rogers and myself.

As you may know, I am our Class Representative for Annual Giving and Planned Giving. As of June 6th, 129 classmates or 33.2% of our potential donors have given to Wellesley and 12 classmates have made a donation at the Durant level of $2500 or higher. This year the participation goal for all classes is 50%. If 65 classmates donate to the College by June 30th, we would achieve 50%.

Your gift to the Wellesley Fund is the key to maintaining programs such as need blind admissions as well as financial aid policies that cap the amount of loans of a graduating senior at $15,000. A competitive financial aid policy and a healthy endowment are the enablers of Wellesley women who make a difference in the world.

And as this is the year many of us turn 65, consider Planned Giving as well as a bequest to Wellesley in your estate. The gift of $10,000 will purchase an annuity which would provide $510 each year if elected as of July 1st this year or $679 each year if you defer the payment to age 70. A Planned Giving gift counts towards the participation gift as well as a Durant level gift.

Our 45th Reunion will occur in two years If you would like to serve on the Annual Giving Committee, please contact me.

Have a nice summer!
Eileen Conroy

May 2018

Dear Classmates,
I’m fortunate to live close to Wellesley so I can visit often. In spring the campus displays our class color everywhere, especially on Daffodil Hill,  around Weaver House. I hope you’ve had a chance to include some Class of 1975 yellow spirit in your life by hosting or attending a class mini-reunion recently. If so, please share your memories. We’d love to see our class web page fill with photos of class events.

To submit your photos to the Class of 1975 page, please attach them to an email addressed to me and include “Class of 75” in the subject line. In the message, mention where and when the event took place. (Note this is not the same as submitting a photo to Wellesley magazine.)

You can see our class page by visiting the Wellesley College Alumnae Community, log in, then click “Class” on the blue bar to choose 1975 from the list. Or just go directly to and then log in. If you need more information about how to log in to the Alumnae Online Community, visit this page

Hoping to hear from you,
Becky Atwood ‘75
Class Web Chair

April 2018

Dear Classmates,
The calendar says that’s it’s spring but you wouldn’t know it from the weather forecast of snow and sleet! But it is April… which means there are only a couple of months left to this school year.

As a class, we have improved our financial position, but we still need your support. You may not know that Wellesley is ranked #3 in the 2017 edition of US News’ for Best National Liberal Arts Colleges and #4 for Best Value Schools. A very high 62% of the current students receive need-based grants. These rankings and grant level reflect the support we, as alumnae, provide to Wellesley.

So this email is a reminder to make your class donations for 2018 before June 30 – either becoming a Class Life Member for $250, making your dues payment of $75, or simply making a donation of your choice. All donations are gratefully received and go to support the class.

Thank you very much… and Happy Spring!
Please send your checks to:
Claudia Gourdon

March 2018

Happy almost Spring!
Here is your class secretary's message, coming at you from sunny Florida, where we're giving snowbirding a try for the first time. Please send information to me for the Class Notes, which come out four times a year in the Wellesley magazine; May 1 is the deadline for the next column. Whatever you are doing, are proud of, are going through right now, or want to share will be of interest to your friends and classmates. Many of us are going through a lot of changes and transitions right now, as we reach the magic age of 65!

We are also encouraging mini-reunions, which are get-togethers of three or more classmates. Send (high-resolution) photos, reports of your fun gettogethers, and what you are up to for the Class Notes. Also let Judy Riley, class VP, know about any mini-reunion get-togethers as well. Perhaps you can select a mini-reunion 'reporter' to gather updates on attendees and to send in a brief report about where, when, who attended, type of gathering, and highlights of these events. Your help and your input will be much appreciated! We all want to know how you are doing and what you've been up to lately! Thanks!
Betsy L. Barr
'75 class secretary

February 2018

Happy 2018. I trust the New Year is going well for all of you, and I would like to put a small bug in your ear. It is important to the Class and the College that we continue to have mini-reunions. These can be as small as three people, and as large as you'd like. Most of us will celebrate our 65th birthdays this year, an important milestone, and we are also mid-way to our next Reunion. Both events provide a perfect opportunity for small get togethers.

If you get together with fellow classmates, please shoot me an email. (Please note that my email address is It has been listed incorrectly on other news from the class.) If you have pictures, send them as well. We'll publish as many of these as we can.

A reminder that MJ Pullins in Alumnae Office ( stands ready to assist with guidance on and email announcements and of   mini-reunions. Please consider organizing a gathering of classmates in your local area or from your dorm or other campus activity.

Best to all,
Judy Riley