MINUTES:  Class Officer Meeting, 1975, Saturday, October 15, 2016, Wellesley, MA

PRESENT:  Joan Darby, President; Judith Riley, Vice President; Claudia Stone Gourdon, Treasurer; Eileen Conroy, Wellesley Fund Representative; Betsy Barr, Secretary

1. CLM Program:  The push for more Class Life Memberships was very successful, thanks to our Anonymous Donor, who agreed to pay half of the $250 dues for anyone who signed up as a new CLM. This opportunity runs until December.  We discussed looking into some sort of thank-you gift for our generous classmate who made this offer possible. Claudia Stone Gourdon will look into this, as she is in communication with our class Donor.

We discussed the problems of updating the CLM list, and member frustration when they had paid and were not included in the list. (Similarly, the issue of donors not being acknowledged in the past, leading to an end to donations, was brought up.)

2.  Class Webmistress:  No one responded to our invitation for a Class Webmistress to step forward. We discussed some possible names and Betsy will include a request for volunteers in the December Class Notes. The Class Webmistress would be an additional class officer position. The college is aware of problems of alumnae connectivity that are being addressed. Eileen Conroy mentioned Ravi Shankar the college tech person and the Alumnae database that can possibly be mined for interest in this.

3. Wellesley Fund: Eileen Conroy reported that the Capital Campaign was going very well, and that President Johnson might extend it, and her Presidency would bring new support to the college.

4.  Communication: We discussed how best to communicate with our class: email blasts, snail mail, or both. Instead of a long joint email, we will send individual class officer email blasts through the year. Draft blasts can be sent to MJ Pullins, who can send them out for us.

* November – VP Judy Riley will report on recent mini reunions, encourage planning of mini reunions and ask classmates to report on them to her and send news of them to Secretary Betsy Barr for Class Notes.

* December – Treasurer Claudia Stone Gourdon will give a financial report and encourage classmates to take advantage of the half-price CLM matching offer before its year end wrap up.

* January – President Joan Darby will outline the New Year and review the past year.

* February – Secretary Betsy Barr will again beg for news and report on any further mini reunions.

Class note deadlines are Sept 1, Dec 1, March 1, and May 1.

* March – Fund Rep Eileen Conroy will report on news of the College

* April – We will wrap up of all these reports into a single physical year-end mailing to the Class.

4.  Mini-reunions: DC area classmates are having a potluck mini-reunion in honor of DC resident and 75 classmate, Debra Knopman, recipient of the Alumnae Achievement Award. Two other invited classmates said they could not attend this, because they were holding their own mini-reunions at the same time.  The minimum number of classmates to qualify for a mini-reunion is three.

We discussed perhaps planning a ‘big’ Mini Reunion around our class’s 65th birthday year (2018), and it was again mentioned that our class was approaching retirement, when classmates would have more time for Class and Wellesley engagement and activities. Still it was the general view that one mini-reunion involving significant travel for classmates would not work that well.  We discussed the alternative of encouraging holding mini-reunions in a number of central locations around the country.  For example, we mentioned a number of classmates who might be candidates to organize a mini-reunion in Chicago.  This will be a prime topic at our next annual officers’ meeting.

5.Reunion: We also looked ahead to our 45th reunion in 2020 and agreed to start thinking about the planning committee for that.  We will be returning to ALC in the Fall of 2019 to plan Reunion. There were some enthusiastic people at our last reunion, who had good ideas/suggestions.  One mentioned is that there be an opportunity for break-outs by interest areas, e.g., for singers to sing, for medical field classmates to exchange ideas, etc.

A group photo was taken at the end of the meeting, to post on our class page.

-  Respectfully submitted, Betsy L. Barr, Secretary, Class of 1975